Guess who’s not dead

The answer is me by the way

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//if anyone wants a starter or something let me know! I’m trying to be active on all of my blogs again! 


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#//that goes for this account too omfg #outofcases

*is absolutely not taking a nap during office hours*

*no siree*

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And before I forget….

Today we also celebrate 100+ followers.

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#The mod threw confetti at me. #It's in my hair. #It's in my EVERYTHING. #// ouo #//thanks guys!

In other news, I have a lot of new followers so…if you guys just want to talk or something I’m here………

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I have this nasty habit of being away for a bit too long……….

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#I'm not dead I swear...... #//he was busy cleaning the toilet
boku-no-armins-butt said: I have been reading creepypastas and babysitting Sonic the hedgehog, other than that, rather bored, and you?


Hope you get over that boredom soon.

Me? I’ve been busy with cases here and there. It looks like they’ve slowed down for now, though.

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boku-no-armins-butt said: Yo! Remember me PhoeNick? It has been to long! way too long!

Hey there Melmod!

It has been too long, huh? I’ve just kinda been swarmed with cases and paperwork, but luckily it seems to have slowed down now.

How’ve you been?

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Who said you have nothing? You can always go to Kurain with me in case the Wright and Co law office goes bankrupt.

 We’re best friends, we need to have each other’s back. 


Of course not, I ate burgers and fries too. And Samurai soda. 

And if you ever need to get away, you can come here for a while. Yeah, you’re right…

You need to eat vegetables and all that too, you know. You’re gonna get sick just putting junk into your system.

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#//wednesdays and fridays .v.

Nice to meet you, and welcome to Wright and Co. My name’s Phoenix Wright, defense attorney.

Was there something I could do for you?

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